AMD FX-9370 8 Core 4.4GHz AM3+ Black 220W, Turbo 4.7GHz, Box no fan (LS)

by AMD
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FX-9370 has a maximum Turbo clock of 4.7GHz FX-9370: Eight “Piledriver” cores, 4.7 GHz Max Turbo These 8-core CPUs deliver new levels of gaming and multimedia performance for desktop enthusiasts. The new 4.7 GHz FX-9370 feature the “Piledriver” architecture, is unlocked for easy overclocking and pave the way for enthusiasts to enjoy higher CPU speeds and related performance gains. Additionally, these processors feature AMD Turbo Core 3.0 technology to dynamically optimize performance across CPU cores and enable maximum computing for the most intensive workloads. FAN REQUIRED. Check the Accessories on this listing for potentional options.