In late 2015, Daniel Longcake founded Longware IT Solutions with goals of bringing back quality customer service to the IT Industry.

Longware began as computer repairs & maintenance which soon turned into building elabourate systems for commercial businesses.


In 2016, Longware began it's journey into the world of Crypto Currencies.

Our first mining rig was born, which quickly captured the attention of clients that were also eager to become a part of the revolutionary crypto-currency mining technology.


Thanks to workshop space & equipment paid forward by the very generous Local resident, Daniel was able to build aluminium GPU mining frames in which he sold to customers wanting to start their own crypto mining journey.


Early 2017 saw the introduction of newly designed mining rig frames for GPU miners.

Open-air with 4 high-powered fans on the front and an organised, simple layout made these frames a must have for all crypto-miners.


Mid 2017 Longware worked with a fellow Perth Crypto-Mining company to setup one of Austalia's largest known GPU Crypto-Mining Farms.

This saw the indroduction of new and Improved Longware GPU 4RU Servers which were installed in a Perth Datacenter.


In late 2017, Longware aired on Channel Nine News to talk about the revolution of crypto-mining and how we have continued to profit from mining crypto-currencies (even with Australia's high cost electricity).


Longware's goal for 2018 is to grow as a company and continue to provide the best possible service we can to our customers.

Our Channel 9 News Interview